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Morrison Photographics

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I created Dave Morrison’s first website years ago but there wasn’t an easy way to add new photos to his portfolio. So I gave his site a facelift and gave him a showcase share some of his best photography. He wanted his photos to “speak for themselves”. So I designed a photo heavy site with 3 categories of photos. I also included a full width photo slider and contact form on the bottom. 

I have been a client of Dave Pierson since 1998. Since that time, he has designed and maintained websites for both of my businesses. He is very professional, creative and a genuine pleasure to work with.I used David Pierson to design and maintain my company web site for several years.  He did a great job on my web site and is constantly available when I have questions or need assistance. He is a pleasure to work with too. I cannot say enough about his work quality and customer service.  I highly recommend him to anyone in need of this type of work.

Dave Morrison

Owner, Morrison Photographics