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What Is WordPress?

An overview what WordPress is and how it works explain in an easy to understand video. (Source: vs

There is much confusion between and This video will talk about the differences between them and also talk about the pros and cons of each. (Source:

Working with Pages and Post

The two main areas for text content in WordPress are “Pages” and “Posts”. These are the building blocks of WordPress. The short tutorials below will help you understand the differences. Two other useful tools that add power to your WordPress site are “Tags” and “Categories”. When used properly,  they can make your site content easier to find. The two short videos on “Tags” and “Categories” explain their uses. Finally, “Excerpts” and “Featured Images” are two more tools you can add to your website to make the content more robust.

Try out these tools for a more powerful site.

WordPress Posts vs Pages

An overview of the difference between the two. (Source: 

Creating a WordPress Post

Going through the steps to creating a post. (Source:

Formatting WordPress Posts

The tools for adding formattion to a post.  (Source:

Scheduling WordPress Posts

Going through the steps to creating a post. (Source:

Adding Links in WordPress

How to add links to text and the different types of link. (Source: 

Adding Images in WordPress

Working with images (Source:

WordPress Categories & Tags

 Categories & Tags are an important tool to get organize WordPress post and pages  (Source: 

Using the WordPress Media Library

Working with images, sound, and PDF files. (Source:

Working with Login and Dashboard Pages

Before you can edit your WordPress site you need to log into the dashboard. The dashboard is where most all the settings for your WordPress site are configured.

Your WordPress Login

In order to edit your WordPress site, first you need to login.  (Source: )


Exploring the WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to control the way the adjust the settings of WordPress site.


Using the WordPress Admin Bar

The video will explain all the links once you are logged into your WordPress site.

(Source: )


Exploring WordPress Settings

This is an advance video. Most users will not need to work with these settings. If you want to just learn more about how things work, this is a section for you. NOTE: Some of the setting in this area can break your site!

(Source: )